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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Congratulations LIFE of Tampa Spelling Bee Winner and Runner Up!

Tommy F. won the local Tampa Bay area Spelling Bee again this year, with 10 year old newcomer Alisha P. going word for word with Tommy through more than 50 rounds and into the Challenge words.  "Archipelago" was the winning word, and Tommy proceeds to the Regional Bee at Admiral Farragut Academy on March 5.
The LIFE of Tampa Spelling Bee drew 20 spellers and filled half the community room at Jimmy Keel Public Library to overflowing.  The Bee was called by long-time Bee organizer, Loni Kaplan, for whom this was her sixth event.

All participants were awarded ribbons and certificates, and our two top finishers each one a free one year subscription to some great online learning tools - powerspeaK language learning for the first place winner, and Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids for our second place student. All participants are eligible for 50% discounts on both programs, as well.

We invite all our participants to come back again next year, for the 2012 LIFE of Tampa Spelling Bee. Some great resources for studying for the Bee throughout the year include: