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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December HLN: Research for fun and knowledge, and awards!

Join us for our December Home Learning Network meeting on Monday, December 6 at 7pm at Jimmy Keel Library, where we’ll be hearing two short student research presentations on biomedical technology from some FIRST LEGO League students, and taking the opportunity to learn how to help our kids develop good research skills (ie - it's not what you know,that matters, but that you know where to find what you need to know!)

Research is an important part of any good education program, a big component of many academic competitions like Odessey of the Mind, Siemens, and FIRST LEGO League robotics, among others.

FIRST LEGO League kids, in particular, do some pretty hefty research! Two local LEGO League teams - Brick Buddies and TechnoForce, both of which consist mostly of homeschooled elementary and middle school aged students - will be joining us to share some of their research projects on this season's Biomedical Technology theme. Brick Buddies will be presenting their short research project on educating people about Food Allergies and new solutions for treating them. TechnoForce will be presenting their research project on exoskeletons.

After the student presentations, there will be Q&A opportunities, followed by a look at ways to make research effective, fun and meaningful, including some of the research tools and methods the LEGO League students use and ways to incorporate research into your homeschool program using a academic competitions, which definitely make applying research skills more fun and interesting.
The Home Learning Network typically meets the first Monday of (most) months at the Jimmy Keel Public Library in Tampa. We have a different topic each month, or no topic at all, and conversation ranges across all homeschool and educational topics.
So join us for a fun, free evening of camaraderie, discussion and great educational ideas, at Jimmy Keel Public Library at 2902 West Bearss Avenue , Monday, December 6, at 7PM.