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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Florida Students Invited to Participate in Real World Design Challenge

Chancellor of Public Schools, Dr. Frances Haithcock joined Lt. Gov. Jeff
Kottkamp Aug. 25 to announce that Florida is one of 25 states nationwide
participating in the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Real World Design Challenge (RWDC).
The annual event provides high school students in grades nine through 12 the
opportunity to work on real-world engineering challenges in a team format. The
RWDC presents student teams with a challenge that confronts one of the nation's
leading industries; this year the focus is on aeronautics and energy usage.

Participating students will have a chance to apply the lessons of the classroom
to the technical problems that are being faced in the workplace, and utilize
professional quality computer-aided design software to develop their solutions.
Teachers participating in the challenge are also able to obtain professional
development opportunities as well as software engineering tools valued at nearly
$1 million.

To learn more about the Real World Design Challenge, visit
http://www.scied.science.doe.gov/RWDC/index.html. Districts and schools
interested in participating may contact Sally Sanders with the Florida
Department of Education at sally.sanders@fldoe.org.

They've confirmed that homeschool and private school students can register teams.