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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Florida's Online Advising System Retooled

FACTS.org, Florida’s online advising system for students, has recently been retooled and re-released. The site features straightforward navigation, new content, simplified language, updated graphics, and enhanced tools.

The site offers Florida students everything they need to plan their career and academic future from middle school through college and beyond. The electronic Personal Education Planner (ePEP) helps students plan their high school courses based on goals they set for themselves, such as attending college or a career technical center, or graduate from high school with the minimum requirements. As graduation requirements vary, the ePEP is designed to present each group with the requirements specific to the year they enter ninth grade.

Incoming eighth graders must build an ePEP as part of a Career and Education Planning course. Transcript information, including grades and FCAT scores also appear on the ePEP. Students can track their personal progress toward graduation, college admission, and Bright Futures Scholarships using the high school evaluations tool. It provides students with their weighted GPA and a list of the requirements they have met and those they have not, making it very clear what remains to de done to achieve their goals.

For more information, visit www.FACTS.org.