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Monday, June 30, 2008

First Amendment Class agenda & companion online site link

I'm posting the agenda for the 1st Amendment Class we're starting this afternoon at Jimmy Keel Library, along with the link the myicourse online companion material. Even if you can't make theclass, you're welcome to use the online resources:

First Amendment Class

Course Outline

Online companion material at University of LIFE


Class I - Monday June 30 – 3pm – 5pm

Constitution and Bill of Rights Overview

Introduction to the First Amendment

Class II – Monday, July 7, 3pm-5pm

Understanding Religious Liberty

We'll view 1st Freedom First film:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Separation of Church andState…but Were Afraid to Ask

Class III – Monday, July 21, 3pm-5pm

Understanding Freedom of the Press

Panel discussion, Situational Ethics role play

Class IV – Monday, August 4 – 3pm-5pm

Understanding Freedom of Speech

Short film Case studies, Situation Ethics games

Class V – Monday, August 18, 3-5pm

Bringing it all Home –Understanding the Freedom of Assembly and Petition

And using the First Amendment in Your Life

To use the myicourse site, go to https://universityoflife.myicourse.com/user/register to register free for access to the First Amendment course material. Once your registration goes through (I think it's pretty quick), click on "Course Catalog" in the navigation menu on the left, then "enroll"in the First Amendment Multicourse Module.

Once you do, you'll see four courses -- try the pretest together, for fun, to see what you know already. Then the rest of the course material will become available to you. Don't worry about the "1000 hours" reference you'll see. It's just an arbitrary (large) number to keep the final assessment off line. And we're using "assessment" in the loosest sense of the word, here.

All of this is to be enjoyed at whatever level you'd like to enjoy it and, hopefully, to learn from it.