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Friday, March 28, 2008

Starkey Wilderness Park Environmental Education Programs for April - New Port Richey

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Starkey Wilderness Park Environmental Education Program
April 2008 Activities Calendar

It’s the second water month at the SEEC ~ activities will focus on WATER, thanks to an education grant from Southwest Florida Water Management District.

April 1 4 pm The Incredible Journey – Become as small as a drop of water

April 1 6 pm Bike Florida – 100’s of bicyclists will spend their 3rd evening with us

April 3 4 pm Litter Pickup - Like Starkey Park? Come help us clean it up!

April 4 4 pm Nature Walk – Range near or far based on who joins us

April 7 6 pm Identifying plants – See which natives and invasives have taken hold

April 8 10 am Plan a native plant garden – which species suit the site best?

April 8 2 pm Migration headache – see how well birds can travel long-distance



April 11 4 pm Nature Walk – Range near or far based on who joins us

April 12 8 am – 11:30 am – join NPR Parks & Recreation at Sims Park to clean up the cotee river. First 100 volunteers get free shirts, all get free lunch after cleaning up.

April 12 3 pm Join the Audubon Society at their last 07-08 meeting, art in nature.

April 15 10 am Prepare a native plant garden – clear an area for our new plants

April 15 4 pm Superbowl surge – What happens when we all flush at once?

April 17 5 pm Cast wildlife tracks – Find some footprints and save them for later

April 18 4 pm Nature Walk – Range near or far based on who joins us

April 21 6 pm Watershed Models – When rain falls near us, where does it go?

April 22 10 am Plant a native plant garden - help get the new plants into the ground

April 26 10 am – 2 pm EARTH DAY AT CREWS LAKE

April 28 6 pm Boardwalk Biodiversity – Look for plant community clues

April 29 2 pm Turtle Hurdles – can you survive the trek sea turtles make?

April 30 5 pm Wetlands Demonstration – See what marshes & swamps do for us

* All activities except the Cotee River cleanup begin at the Starkey Environmental Education Center, 10500 Wilderness Park Blvd, New Port Richey Fl 34655. All ages are welcome and all activities are free. For more information, please call 727.834.3474. Don’t forget good shoes, water, and bug spray! Special focus events available by appointment. *